Cluster Action Initiative

Restrictions Within the Clusters

The initiative will divide clusters and the areas around them into three categories with successively higher restrictions within each one: Red Zone - cluster Itself; Orange Zone - warning zone; and Yellow Zone - precautionary zone. 

The chart below is a summary and is not exhaustive. For full details please see Empire State Development's Guidance Related to New York's Cluster Action Initiative.

Where permitted to operate within the cluster action initiative, businesses and other entities must continue to follow the relevant industry-specific guidelines provided by Department of Health as available on the New York Forward website for their applicable operations and activities. 

Visitation restrictions at congregate facilities: The Department of Health has issued guidance for limitations on visitation in residential congregate settings located in “red” and “orange” zones

Type of Activity Red Orange Yellow
Non-Essential Gatherings


10 people maximum, indoors and outdoors

25 people maximum, indoors and outdoors
House of Worship

Lesser of:

25% of maximum capacity
10 people

Lesser of:

33% of maximum capacity
25 people

50% of maximum capacity
Businesses  Non-essential businesses are closed  Certain high-risk non-essential businesses (eg., gyms, fitness centers and classes, barber shops, hair salons, personal care services) are closed. Open
Dining Takeout or delivery only Outdoor dining, takeout or delivery only, 4 person maximum per table Indoor and outdoor dining permitted, 4 person maximum per table



Mandatory weekly testing of students and school personnel, in accordance with DOH guidance to be issued by October 9, 2020.