Reimagine New York Commission

Reimagine New York Commission

The Reimagine New York Commission developed solutions to build back better and more equitably in the wake of the COVID pandemic.
Building Back Better

Created by former Governor Andrew Cuomo and chaired by Eric Schmidt, Co-Founder of Schmidt Futures and former CEO of Google, New York State's 16-member Blue Ribbon Commission developed recommendations to leverage technology to build back a better and more resilient New York with greater opportunity for all.

The Commission included educators, innovators, labor organizers, business leaders, and artists from across the state. To ensure that the outcomes delivered reflect the diversity of the communities across New York State, the team held over 40 listening sessions, conducted hundreds of interviews, and organized three surveys to engage thousands of New Yorkers.

The Commission focused on recommendations to increase opportunity in three essential ways, by: reducing the digital divide, improving access to healthcare, and creating more and better employment in an increasingly digital economy. The Commission’s final recommendations culminated in an Action Plan to Reimagine New York.

Areas of Focus

Enable connectivity for all New Yorkers by identifying barriers to connection and implementing solutions to overcome those barriers to ensure the next wave of technological advancement advances equity.


Expand and improve telehealth delivery to build a more accessible, equitable, effective, and efficient healthcare system.


Equip New York’s workforce for an increasingly digital economy through retraining and public-private partnerships; identify and accelerate tech-enabled approaches to better serve New York’s businesses and equip all workers for the post-COVID digital economy; and support artists and help to reinvigorate cultural institutions.